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Below you'll find some of the most common places people place a WiFi hidden camera. You can browse our selection of surveillance cameras by room, so you can quickly narrow down the choices that fit your particular needs. If you have any questions selecting a camera, our experienced product advisers are available to help select a camera to fit your specific recording and streaming needs.
Click on a room below to browse our hidden cameras best suited for that room:
Living room hidden camera
Living Room

A living room or family room is one of the most popular places to monitor with a WiFi hidden camera since there is so much activity there, and they are centrally located.  
Home Office Hidden Camera
Home Office/Den

Whether you have an home office or a den, chances are there are some valuables there that may need to be monitored against a potential theft or breakin.
Kitchen Hidden Camera

Kitchens are generally centrally located and a great place to put a hidden camera to monitor who is coming and going, or to catch an intruder who is going through your home.
Bedroom Hidden Camera

Bedrooms are one of the first place an intruder will go to look for your valuables, such as a drawer or closet. You'll be able to easily capture them on video with a nanny cam.
Business Office Hidden Camera

WiFi hidden cameras are great for business or corporate use - monitor buildings, offices, a warehouse, or just keep an eye on employees when you're gone.
Garage Hidden Camera

A common place where many people have expensive items like tools and vehicles can be monitored easily with a covert WiFi streaming hidden spy camera.