How WiFi Hidden Cameras Work

How WiFi Hidden Cameras Work

Many people are familiar with nanny cams, but may not be familiar with how WiFi hidden cameras work. We've been in business since 2010, and a lot has changed since then, so we'll take you through how WiFi hidden cameras and nanny cameras operate, and you'll find they are very easy to use.

Power Options

WiFi streaming hidden cameras have two power supply options. Battery powered hidden cameras feature an internal rechargeable battery. Battery powered devices are good for short term use, or in situations where you need a device that is portable, or a place where AC power isn’t available. The only downside to battery powered hidden cameras is that they do need to be charged periodically, depending how often they are used. Some battery powered devices last just 4-5 hours, while some may last 10-12 hours, depending on the model.

AC powered hidden cameras feature plug in AC power, meaning they are plugged in for continuous power. The main advantage to this is that there are no battery life concerns to worry about, since the camera is always connected to power.

WiFi Connection

WiFi hidden cameras work by connecting to your existing wireless network in your home or office, or wherever the camera is physically located. So for example, if you want to monitor your living room or kitchen in your home, you would place the camera in one of those areas, and use the smartphone app to connect the camera to your home’s WiFi network, just like you’d connect your laptop or tablet to your home’s WiFi network.

By connecting the camera to your home’s network, this will allow the camera to use that connection to connect to the internet, so you can view your camera’s live feed on the smartphone app, whether you’re at home, or anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming

The most popular feature of WiFi hidden cameras is the ability for the camera to live stream video, so you can see what your camera is seeing, no matter where you’re at. You can monitor your babysitter or nanny while you’re at work, keep an eye to see when your kids get home from school, see what your pets are up to when they think no one’s watching, or monitor areas of your office or business to monitor employee productivity or possible theft.

Form Factors

WiFi hidden cameras come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are more common than others. For example, one of the most popular styles of nanny cams is one that is designed to look (and in many cases operate) like a normal USB wall charger. The reason for this is that wall chargers are so common and small, that they’re easy to place in areas you want to monitor, and they can blend in very easily.

Recording Video

Another feature of most WiFi hidden cameras is their ability to record video. Videos can be recorded to a micro SD memory card, a commonly used memory card that allows you to store up to weeks worth of video at a time. This is particularly useful so you can have a record of what your camera saw, ideal for both documentation and evidence purposes.

Mix and Match WiFi Cameras

Chances are there may be more than one area in your home or office you want to monitor, which is why most of our WiFi hidden cameras are “mix and match” compatible, allowing you to use the same app for all the devices, so you can monitor all the cameras easily from one app.

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