Product Spotlight: 1080P HD WiFi Streaming DIY Hidden Camera Kit

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Product Spotlight: 1080P HD WiFi Streaming DIY Hidden Camera Kit

Today we’re taking a look at one of our best selling WiFI hidden cameras - the HC100w. This camera kit consists of two parts, the camera body and lens, and the battery. The miniature size allows you to place this hidden camera almost anywhere to provide covert video surveillance.

Setting Up the HC100w

When you first unpack this hidden camera, you’ll find the following items:

  • Camera kit
  • Battery
  • Memory Card Reader
  • Wall Charger
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Metal Reset Key

The first thing to do after getting the camera is to charge the camera’s battery. The HC100w DIY camera kit can be either battery or AC powered, depending on your particular video streaming/recording needs. The standard battery that comes with the camera gets up to about 5 hours of continuous use, perfect for short-term use. For longer battery-powered operation, we also offer an extended battery pack, which increases the battery life to approximately 12 hours.

The HC100w can also be AC powered, which is ideal for longer term use. To use AC power, simply connect the charging cable and wall charger to the camera kit, and plug into an AC outlet or an extension cord or surge protector.

Camera Features

Live streaming video is the main feature of this nanny cam. It allows you to see what your camera sees, even if you’re across the globe. Since the WiFi camera connects to your wireless network in your home or office, it uses this connection to allow you to live view that video feed from anywhere.

One of other popular features of this spy camera is its small size. As you can see from the pictures, the camera lens is very small - only about a quarter of an inch wide. This means you can hide it almost anywhere, since the lens is the only part of the camera that needs to be visible. The rest of the kit can be hidden out of sight.

With the DIY camera kit you can also record video to a memory card. The camera can accept up to a 64GB memory card, which can hold 60-70 hours of video at 1080P HD resolution. You can get even more space on the card by adjusting the camera to record in 720P instead.

Motion detection alerts is another unique feature that the HC100w provides, allowing you to get instantly alerted if your camera detects movement or activity nearby. These alerts can be enabled or disabled as needed.

One use for motion alerts could be to monitor your home when you’re on vacation. An alert would tell you that someone is in your home or apartment, so you can quickly check the video feed, and alert the police if a breakin is occuring.

Where to Hide or Place the DIY Camera Kit

One of the nice things about the HC100w is that it’s so small, you can hide it almost anywhere. Let’s say you want to keep an eye on your housekeeper or nanny. Chances are there’s somewhere in a large room like a living room where you could hide the camera, such as on a shelf or in a plant. Because all you need to have visible in the lens, there are endless places where you could hide the camera.

Another thing many people do is “build” their own hidden cameras with this kit, which is why we call it a “DIY” camera. You know the objects in your house or business, or wherever you want to monitor with live video. Pick an item that you can cut a small hole in, like a book or a small box like a tissue box. With an object already in the area, rather than a new item like a clock or something similar, this will help it blend in, and be much more covert.

To learn more about the HC100w DIY WiFi Streaming Camera Kit, click here to view the product page. And as always if you have any questions, reach out to our sales and support team, who will be glad to answer any questions you have about this, or any of our other WiFi hidden cameras.

Jun 3rd 2019 WiFi Hidden Cameras

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